New Cryptocurrency to Invest into in 2022

Cryptocurrency has become one of the best investment ideas for people worldwide. The best way to understand the evolution cryptocurrency has had over the years is to check the development of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. This is the case because it was the first to be developed and introduced people to a new technology and investment idea when it was first launched; one Bitcoin token was worth $0.0008. people who invested a few dollars in Bitcoin experienced the largest return, as Bitcoin is now worth over $40,000. For this reason, people are advised to invest in new things when they are developed to maximise their gains. Some of the best cryptocurrencies people can invest in 2022 include; 

  1. Bitcoin

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin was the first crypto in the world and is the most valuable one. Most organisations and governments adopting cryptocurrency consider Bitcoin to be the cryptocurrency to use. The value of Bitcoin has dropped from the highest it has ever reached, $69,000, to $ 40,000, meaning that people can invest in Bitcoin at a lower price before its value rises back. There is a possibility that Bitcoin will increase in value to as high as $100,000 by this year. People who want to invest in cryptocurrency should consider Bitcoin as their first option. 

  1. Lucky Block

Blockchain technology has been used to improve various aspects of life and the way people do things. The Lucky Block cryptocurrency was developed to influence the lottery platform. The lottery platform has seen it worth billions, with some people and organisations receiving and giving hundreds of millions at a time. The advantage of investing in this crypto is it has the potential to have a huge increase in price in the next years when organisations will adopt it and as countries adopt and regulate cryptocurrency. The currency will be used to pay for lottery tickets meaning all players will have to own the currency. The buyers will also be paid through Lucky Block. The first day Lucky Block was introduced to trade, it made 3.4 Million dollars in a day for a new investor in cryptocurrency in Africa; this is a promising prospect. 

  1. Decentraland(MANA)

It has only been a few months since Metaverse was introduced, and it has created a lot of buzzes worldwide. Another technology has been developed to help roll out the technology and improve the experience. One of the technologies used was Decentraland as the currency used in the Metaverse virtual world. The currency can be used to buy or sell virtual real estate and other transactions in the Metaverse. The current value of one Decentraland token is 3.20 dollars, but in a few months or years, the value might rise to as high as hundreds of dollars per token. Since people have created value in the Metaverse, investing in Decenraland might be one of the ways people invest in the future technology that will take the world by storm.

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