Ethereum performance before the merge

The Merge

Any investor needs detailed information about an asset they are considering investing in. This also applies to cryptocurrency and other assets developed through blockchain technology. Many tokens have had a bad few months, but one token that is showing potential and the ability to grow is Ethereum. The token is currently the most valuable alternative token in the crypto market. It is currently in the middle of a huge transition affecting its value positively. 

What is happening to Ethereum?

Some details of what is happening to Ethereum include the following: The first thing happening is that the token is increasing in value at a higher rate than the other tokens. In the last week alone, Ethereum has gained a 48% increase. This is impressive compared to other tokens in the market. However, the value is over 65% less than in November 2021. New investors have the potential to make more money from the token as it gains more value in the coming weeks. 

The token outperforms the crypto king, Bitcoin, in performance per week. While Bitcoin had a 19% increase in value, Ethereum made almost 50% in the same period. These are impressive stats, but one of them is that since June 19th, 2022, Ethereum has had a 68% boost in its value. The token could move from $918 to its current value of $1549. 

The Merge

There is an explanation for why this happened and why this may continue to happen in the coming weeks. If you have not heard or read other articles about this, Ethereum is in the middle of what they call the Merge. This is what they are calling their transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. Instead of using hardware to mine the tokens, people will invest their money into the project as validators to give the tokens the value they need to grow. This has attracted many investors and is one of the reasons why the token is outperforming others. 

The Merge will be on September 19th, 2022, and as the date approaches fast, its value continues to grow and improve over time. But there are fears among many specialists and investors that this might all be a huge red flag or sign that could end up being a bull trap. This is where certain activities or events are a signal that indicates a decline in their value. The value might rise for a short period before the value later falls, causing losses to the investors. People also fear that the token might also end up losing most of its value after the Merge. 

However, the Merge will lead to a decline of 99% in the amount of energy used to produce the tokens. But there is a drawback to this. In summary, when the Merge happens, the market will flood with tokens as they will all be available. Specialists worry that this will end up reducing the value of the tokens, thus proving the current event to be a bull trap. I am not a specialist, but investors should have all this information before investing.

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