Coin base NFT Platform

One of the crypto-related commodities that have gained traction in the last two years is NFT. An NFT is where people use blockchain technology to develop art and sell it directly to the market. Everything is digitized, starting from creation, selling, and buying. In the last year or two, many people have been involved in the trade and have either made or spent millions on various NFTs helping people create wealth through technology. NFTs can help people in various ways, including artists. According to experts, they predict that if the world adopts cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, NFTs will be the death of record labels and greedy middlemen taking advantage of creators and pocketing the largest percentage of the gains made. According to what people have experienced in the last few months, it is safe to say that this might be true, considering creators have been able to make millions of dollars from their NFTs.
It was only a matter of time before one of the major crypto service providers developed a platform that would help people maneuver through the NFT market. The first to get into the market is Coin base. The company has been developing a platform to help people access NFTs easily and help make the NFT market go mainstream in the world. The Coin base NFT platform is the currency in beta testing, and a few of the people on the wait list have had the opportunity to experience the services offered.
During the development stages, the developers talked to creators and art collectors to figure out the best services required in the field. Their feedback helped them create a platform that might be the solution to what people have been missing in the NFT market.
The feedback was that although the platform should offer a way to buy and sell NFTs, this is just a fraction of what people in the market need. The buyers and sellers both wanted to have a platform where they could discover NFTs and their developers easily. This can be equated to how some artists might have been working on their art for years without being discovered due to one reason or the other. But if new artists can be easily discovered on the Coin base platform, this will shape and improve how new talents will be discovered.
The second thing that the users wanted on the platform was the ability to find a good community on the platform. Both creators and collectors wanted a platform where they would connect with others involved in the market and discuss NFTs with each other. This might be similar to art galleries where people go to view and discuss art, enjoy themselves and finally buy and sell the art that is on display. This is another way blockchain technology is changing the world by introducing virtual galleries.
The Coin base NFT platform is now open to the public, but the first users will be the people on the wait list. They will be able to access the platform through ( The platform was developed on Ethereum blockchain, meaning that the entire process will be decentralized, and people will not take advantage of this to alter the market. At first, the platform will not charge any transaction fees, but they will be introduced later.

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