NFTs The Big Bucks.

We have heard about NFTs in one way or the other. People across the globe are minting millions in the NFT world with some NFTs making up to 8,000 eth which is equivalent to $23 million USD in the market. We take a look at some of the most famous and best-selling NFTs in the crypto universe as of today. Let us start with the most common one,

Crypto punks.

The collection created by Larva Labs launched in 2017 and was a “free mint” at the time.Customers only had to pay a transaction fee, but nothing for the NFT itself.With time it has raised to the point of the cheapest of them is going for $150,000. There are over 10,000 pieces of this NFTs. Each CryptoPunk has a series of traits and attributes that rank it on a scale of rarity in the set. This collect-able quality is something you now see in practically every NFT set, and CryptoPunks is often cited as the inspiration.

The Bored Ape Yatch Club.

Arguably the most famous NFT there is.It launched on April 2021 at only 0.08 ether or 250$.its at 124 ether or $380,000, and had its highest sell at 769 ether or $2.3 million.Bored Ape Yacht Club’s creator has aspirations far beyond being an NFT collection, too. Yuga Labs launched cryptocurrency Ape Coin in March 2022, the same month it bought the CryptoPunks and Meebits brands, and is a metaverse called Otherside. The team’s ambitions also extend past the blockchain and virtual reality with a movie on the way. The potential with the bored ape NFT is unimaginable and its rise in value is just starting.

Mutant Ape Yatch Club.

The first phase of Yuga Labs’ road map for the Bored Ape Yacht Club was a mysterious airdrop.Everyone who owned the red app got a mutant one for free.It was released on August 2021 and was going for 3 ether that is 9000$.Its highest sale so far has been at 350 ether which is equal to $1.1 million.


Launched on march 2021, at 0.01 ether or 30$. current price now is 40 ether or $120,000 and they recorded their highest sale at 215 ether or $755,00. They are often cited as the first NFT collection with “utility.”  That is, art that does more than just be art. Initially, the collection consisted of 1,000 “genesis” Kongz. These generated 10 $BANANA (a cryptocurrency) per day. If you owned two Kongz and 600 $BANANA, you could breed those NFTs to create a BabyKong.


Created by Arnold Tsang and Launched for 1 ether or $3000 in January 2022.Their current price is 24.5 ether or $75,000 and have had their highest sell at 420 ether or $1.3 million.Since its booming their has been a lot of anime embodiment of the project and there has been successful a few. Despite it being just a few days old in the industry its doing a great well With $570 million-worth of Azuki NFTs bought and sold on OpenSea alone, it’s the sixth most successful collection of all time.

World of Women.

Launched on July 2021 at 0.08 ether or 260$. Its current value is at 8 ether or $26,000. Their highest sale was at 260 ether or $634,000. World of Women is a project created exclusively by women and designed to encourage a more diverse NFT community. WoW’s success has been an inspiration for more woman-centric collections, like Boss Beauties and Sad Girls Bar.


Launched on October 2021 at  0.123 ether or $380.Its current price is 15.5ether or $47,000. Its highest sale was recorded at 296.68 ether or $1.1 million.The reason why Doodles has seen huge success in the market is that Its founders already have a background in NFTs for one, having worked on the 2017 CryptoKitties and they manage DoodleBank.


Launched in May 2021 for 2.5 ether $7,500 at a Dutch auction.Its current price is 9.92 ether or $30,000. They recorded their highest sale at 130 ether or $492,000.

Clone X.

Launch by Takashi Murakami on November 2021 at 2 ether or $6,100. Its current price is 16.8 ether or $51,600 and their highest price was at 450 ether or $1.25 million.Its also mention able that clone x the most popular 3D collection in the NFT world.

Cool cats.

Launched on July 2021 for 0.06 ether or $189. Its current price is 8 ether or $24,000 and they recorded their highest sale at 320 ether or $1.1 million.

Moon birds.

Launched on April 2022 for 2.5 ether or $10,000 and its Current floor price is 27.3 ether or $112,000. they had their highest sale at 150 ether or $461,000. This is the freshest collection on the list, having minted in the middle of April 2022 for the unusually large launch price of about $10,000. Alas, buyers were purchasing more than mere pixelated owls, Moonbirds is a product of Proof Collective, an influential trio that includes Digg founder Kevin Rose.

To sum up, the returns in NFTs are self explanatory, you only need to bench mark previous sales and the start up prices. If possible dig it no the NFT world and get yourself an NFT as of now, hold and if possible sale when need be. Price in NFT grows with time and the more famous an NFT grows the more it appreciates in value.New NFTs are being minted everyday, research, learn and buy an NFT that has a promising future the money will automatically come in later.


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