NFTs at the 2022 World Cup

The world cup is one of the most celebrated events in the world. There are many sports in the world that attract international attention, but football or soccer, for our American friends, is the biggest and most-watched sport in the world. The world cup finals attract billions of people from all over the world and it has been known to reduce crime rates in some regions. This happens because everybody, including criminals, wants to watch the event live, thus leading to 2 hours of peace in some crime-infested regions all over the world.

NFTs have had huge impacts on the world in the last few months. The development of NFT and the widespread acceptance by people from all walks of life have led to some organizational changes in many companies. NFTs have developed a platform for companies and organizations to create souvenirs for their clients. One of the fields where people love to buy souvenirs in sports, especially football fans. One of the main sources of income for many football teams is jersey sales to their supporters. Some football souvenirs are known to cost up to thousands of dollars; a good example of this was Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s football team striker and captain, captain’s armband that he threw on the pitch was sold in a charity auction for $75,000. With such a huge market for football souvenirs, the Fifa 2022 World Cup would be the perfect time for NFT to get into the industry. Toony Chain is the organization that is bringing NFTs to the world cup. The organization organized a team made up of strategists, crypto experts, managers, and artists to develop NFTs that would be applied and sold during the 2022 World Cup.

They developed an exclusive platform tailored to offer services that are essential to football fans from all over the world. Apart from football teams and player jerseys, fans will have an opportunity to have NFTs that can gain and improve their worth as the tournament progresses. According to the information provided by Tooney Chain, there will be a total of 25,136 NFTs available for the entire world. Considering the high demand, this number will lead to a supply deficit in the market, thus increasing the value of cryptocurrency. The NFTs produced will feature all the 32 football teams or countries that have already qualified for the tournament scheduled to start in November.

The NFTs are developed to have unique features for each of the NFTs sold. Three main features will be provided. The first is that each NFT will be unique in the market. NFTs are developed through blockchain technology, so their uniqueness will affect their value. The second feature is that they will be traceable. People will be able to trace the number of times each card has been bought or sold to ensure their authenticity and value. The third feature is that the cards will have different levels of rarity. Gold cards will be unique and feature some of the biggest names in football, such as Messi and Ronaldo. Silver cards will be extremely rare but more accessible than gold NFTs. Bronze NFTs will be rare, while classic cards will be exclusive. This will ensure that everybody has the ability to access the NFTs according to their financial situation.

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