Crypto Mugging

People steal cryptocurrency from people and organizations by hacking their devices and stealing money from their wallets. Although this is a risk, it is a low-level risk, and people can manage to secure their investment in one way or another. Recent news from Europe and mainly in England show that this has changed. According to recent reports, people are complaining and reporting cases where they are physically mugged, and the mugger only wants to steal cryptocurrency from them. It shows that hackers have developed a system that has hired local muscles and trained them on how to steal cryptocurrency from people, or they have changed their operations from purely online to physical stealing. Some are speculating that the muggers target people who have invested in cryptocurrency. The information stolen is later sold in the black market to the highest bidder, who in most cases is the brains behind the mugging. People now combine physical strength and digital knowledge to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims. Some recent stories of crypto mugging include; The first victim was a man standing on the street ordering an Uber ride in London’s Liverpool Street Station.

While waiting for his ride to arrive, muggers attacked him and snatched his phone from his hands. After a few minutes, the mugger returned his phone. They did not steal any material things as commonly seen during a mugging. After the muggers left, he realised that the muggers had stolen over 5000 Pounds worth of Ethereum he had invested on Coinbase. After eating some food, the second victim was walking home when he had an upset stomach outside the restaurant. He branched under a bridge to vomit when he was attacked. The muggers pushed his face against a wall and took his phone from him. They asked him to use his hand for his figure print verification and changed the security settings on the phone. After this, they transferred 28,700 pounds’ worth of cryptocurrency from his wallet to their wallet. After doing this, they returned the phone to him and left without stealing any physical property. These are two of the many cases of cryptocurrency mugging in the last few weeks. In a period where cryptocurrency investors are struggling with losses as the value drops, such issues are causing investors to fear. It seems like recently, most of the cryptocurrency news has been bad news. But one important lesson that people have to learn the hard way is that challenges make you stronger. Most wealthy people or people who have had extraordinary achievements tell stories of how they overcame considerable hurdles in their life. It is time for cryptocurrency holders and investors to do the same. Before people find a solution to the problem, hiding your cryptocurrency app on your phone is essential. It would be better if they stole the phone worth less than $300 than losing thousands in crypto.

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