Argentina Schools to Teach about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Argentina schools are to be pioneers in teaching basic principles of Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and Blockchain technology under an educational project called, “Schools and Bitcoin project”. The project will encompass approximately 4,000 students from 40 secondary schools in Argentina. The objective training project will start in August 2022.

“All secondary schools are invited to be part and participate in this change that is going through the world at a dazing pace,” said Jimena Vallone, the Institutional Development Co-ordinator of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina. “Educational centers and students are encouraged to apply to NGO Bitcoin Argentina through the email [email protected].”  

The promoters have added that there will be a promotional talk via zoom on 5th May 2022.

A statement sent by Paxful exchange stated that the vocational guidance and training project on bitcoin and its blockchain is aimed at teachers, educational institutions, and students, in the last year of high school. The 4,000 teenagers/youths will receive training on basic principles of the first and most popular Cryptocurrencies with the next phase of the project aiming at the trained students creating and developing educational material on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in different formats. The project will hold subsequent interschool meetings for the students to present and exhibit the proposals that they have prepared. 

The project aims to also create awareness and impact knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and other coins by teaching the Pros and Cons of decentralized financial systems such as Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The Built With Bitcoin Foundation, NGO Bitcoin Argentina, together with the Paxful exchange, the project Partners, hope that the program will be impactful by helping students come up to speed on crypto matters, especially so that they can adopt the use, languages, and concepts of these technologies, added the statement.

Argentina is one of the leading countries in Latin America in the adoption of Bitcoin. The usage of Bitcoin is contributed by the high inflation rates of local currency. Pioneering Bitcoin education in schools is seen as a move in the right direction as the training is being done as part of the curriculum, there are consultative interschool meetings that incorporate the different stakeholders within the education sector, and the fact that it’s now targeting the youth who are the future of the country. Teaching Bitcoin in schools will give a boost to Cryptocurrencies in the future.

This should be a wakeup call to educators and stakeholders in the Education sector in other parts of the world, particularly in Africa, to think about the future of their countries in terms of economic progress that is aimed at harnessing technology and begin consultative meetings with the various stakeholders in the financial and technological sector and see how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be taught in schools, particularly in secondary and tertiary institution, as the youth are the future of the country. And armed with the right skills Africa can develop more P2P platforms that are easily interpretable with local currencies.

African countries such as Kenya are leading the in the use of P2P platforms and crypto trading volumes.

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