African Creators Adopting NFTs

With the development of blockchain technology, many things have been developed that hugely impact different aspects of life. One field that has been primarily affected by this is the art industry. NFTs have provided a platform for creatives to develop their art no matter what type of art they produce. NFTs are designed to help people to create things they would, such as music, art, and movies, and have a platform to sell directly to their clients. Many collectors and creatives have identified the opportunity that NFTs provide. In short, they adopted NFTs quickly. Some art pieces are selling for thousands of dollars. Tooney Chain has already developed NFT with the Fifa 2022 World Cup as the central theme. With this rapid adoption, African creatives had to get into the market.

According to the latest news from Africa, South African artists have pioneered Africa to adopt NFT art among creatives. A group of South African artists started using blockchain technology to develop cryptocurrency and sell it to the world. After doing this, many other African creatives have begun adopting the technology. They have provided information as to why they think developing and selling art through NFT is better than the traditional way. Some reasons they offered included; The first thing African creatives love about creating their art through NFT is their freedom over other products. Creatives love and should have the space they need to control their products. They develop things according to their inspiration and what they want to produce for the world. But in the traditional world, creatives must conform to the organisation that markets and sells their products. A creative will have to find an organisation with deep pockets willing to take their art, market it, and sell it for a considerable share of the profits. Musicians use record labels for this purpose. Such organisations might harm the content as they control what the creatives produce. By creatives developing and selling their art through NFT, they have the freedom to create what they want since nobody has power over them. It will lead to a situation where the art produced is more authentic and easily acceptable by the market. The second thing most African artists who have adopted NFT technology had to say was about the market and society. The advantage of NFTs is that people have direct contact with their clients. A creative will have direct contact with the collector who is buying their art piece. It has led to creatives earning more money from their trade since there are no third parties to take the majority of their proceeds from the exchange. NFTs also led to a situation where creatives have a bigger market than before. The world has become a big village due to the development of technology, and NFT has brought the technological advancement required to make art international. Creatives can now access global markets and sell their products to people worldwide.

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