Why use cryptocurrency?

The world is inevitably moving towards a digital ecosystem. Investments, money transfers, and payments are going paperless. Cryptocurrency is the newest trend in this world of paperless payment. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that works just like the normal fiat currency, except it’s digital. It is usually defined as a decentralised digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security to ensure its counterfeit-proof. Below are some reasons why you need to join the world of cryptocurrency. 

Instant transactions

There is nothing sweeter than an instant transaction. In crypto, you send and receive cash instantly. We all have been through this, starting a transaction and ending up not finishing it or having a withdrawal delay due to network or policies. You all need a smart gadget and the internet, and you are good to go. 

No Government or middlemen involvement

We all know what this means, no tax or policies on your cash. This means the only people involved in your transaction are you and the person you transact with. This has boosted the growth of crypto as people find this privacy quite convenient. 


We all have a smartphone, or to generalise, we can say almost every family has a chance of one person owning or having access to a smart gadget [worldwide]. The internet is now as cheap as 0.005$/mb, and that’s in Africa. With such availability, owning an e-wallet is quite cheap. 


Cryptocurrency transactions rely on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology ensures secure digital transactions through encryption and “smart contracts” that make the entity virtually unhackable and void of fraud. This means one can’t lose coins and every transaction is recorded and kept safe. 


We all love to grow and develop, which is what crypto brings to the table. Something new from what we are used to. We are a growing world, and technology grows even faster as we advance. So don’t be left behind. Join the trend and embrace the growth as well. To sum up, cryptocurrencies are the coins for the future. Grab yourself an e-wallet earn some coins, and join the movement.

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