Organizations Educating Africans on Cryptocurrency.

Education is the key to success. Many people use this phrase but don’t realise how true it is. Most millionaires and billionaires got to their position because they were educated or skilled in one field or more. Education must not always be on academics, but it also includes learning how to use various skills and understand things that might help you in one thing or the other in your life. In cryptocurrency, education is critical. People need to learn more about blockchain and the various ways people could use the information or knowledge to improve their lives. It is important to understand the basics and, if possible, the details included in your activities and investments. 

According to recent studies, many people in Africa have heard about cryptocurrency briefly, either from friends, social media, or mainstream media. The information they got might have introduced them to a new concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain but did not explain in detail what the technology is and how effective it is in improving the financial situation in Africa for Africans. This is why organisations have been developed to help people understand the details of blockchain and crypto. Some of the organisations that have the most impact in Africa include. 

  1. Nestcoin

Nestcoin is one of the organisations with the biggest impact on cryptocurrency in Africa. Nestcoin has invested heavily in programs meant to introduce more people to cryptocurrency. When more people are introduced to crypto, they will either invest, be aware and get involved in crypto when it goes mainstream in Africa. Nestcoin mainly invests in writers who are good at educating and providing good content on cryptocurrency that will serve as a learning platform for people across the continent. Apart from writers, the organisation also builds and invests in products that help shape Africa’s crypto scene. Since cryptocurrency is developed from blockchain technology, it is important to consider other products developed through the same technology and how Nestcoin helps improve its awareness of blockchain in Africa. In the last few years, NFTs have gone viral, with people making millions from various products. Nestcoin is helping people understand the benefits of investing in digital art, also known as NFTs, DeFi and DAOs. The information they provide might help people to make millions. 

  1. KIPYA Bit2Big

Many of the African youth might be educated but not necessarily in technology. People in Africa need more attention and effort from instructors to understand the technical details of new technology. This is why Michael Kiberu Nagenda and others formed the KIPYA Bit2Big organisation. The organisation tries to educate people in Africa and ensure that all their clients or students clearly understand the details involved in cryptocurrency. Some of the activities carried out by the KIPYA Bit2Big organisation include holding classes for beginners and making sure by the time they leave; they are educated and competent enough to make it on their own with the information they learnt. Through this program, thousands of people have started investing in cryptocurrency with little and growing over time. Through the organisations, youth who lost their jobs during the pandemic had another chance to earn. This shows how effective education might be in improving cryptocurrency adoption and the financial state among many African youths. 

  1. Crypto in Afrika

The third organisation helping to improve the rate of cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is Crypto in Afrika. The organisation has had a huge impact on the continent. A good example is that many people in Kenya have joined cryptocurrency trading in Kenya due to its effort. Kenya is currently among the largest market for cryptocurrency trading, with most of the members in the country practising peer-to-peer crypto trading. Some of the main practices carried out by Crypto in Afrika to improve cryptocurrency adoption in Africa include; developing news and blogs on cryptocurrency-related topics. The blogs help offer people education and ignite a spark to help them adapt and get into cryptocurrency in one way or another. The best thing about them is that they pay their writers through cryptocurrency tokens, thus developing and leading companies to adopt crypto as their means of payment. The organisation also holds talks and classes and invites new members to the talks. Most of the events they organise are meant to educate new members to adapt to the technology. The third thing the platform or the organisation does is provide market prices to all its members. The information’s ease of availability helps improve crypto trading in Africa. 

  1. Binance Masterclass

The fourth player in the cryptocurrency education industry is Binance Masterclass. As the name suggests, the organisation provides classes to as many Africans as possible. Over the last two years since the organisation was developed, the organisation has had a huge impact on the crypto world. The organisation has had over 400,000 initiates attending its various classes. In the first year, the organisation still learned the best way to offer its classes and managed to educate about 70,000 people in a year. In just six months, the remaining were trained, raging at about 177,000 per quarter. The organisation is expanding to more African countries to train people in crypto. The more information people have on the topic, the better it will be to implement policies to regulate and improve cryptocurrency in Africa. Africa has seen 105 billion worth of crypto growth in the continent; the more people are educated and invest in crypto, the higher the value. This means people in Africa will get richer and improve their quality of life. 

4. Learn crypto.com 

This is a new website that is designed to educate people about cryptocurrency. They answer all cryptocurrency-related questions and, if need be, help one open s crypto wallet. They educate about the best coins to invest in and how to buy them. they are not limited to any theme, and they are free. If anyone is new to crypto, this is the place to go.

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