How to earn free crypto in South Africa

With crypto’s continuous growth, it’s important to maximise the opportunities to start your investment. Many people shy away from building their crypto portfolio due to the misbelief that you need large sums of money to start trading. 

However, there are plenty of ways to earn crypto for free in South Africa. Once you find the right avenues to do so, you’ll be able to earn crypto as often as you’d like. Some ways to do this include engaging with play-to-earn crypto games, participating in airdrops, and maximising platform promotions and bonuses.

Want to start earning free crypto? Crypto in Afrika is here to help you reach your goals, so read on to learn more about it.

What is free crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are generally attained by buying them off a crypto platform for trading. Once you’ve purchased them, the transaction is recorded on a blockchain to verify the transaction.

However, you can also get free cryptocurrency in several ways. The most common way is when a crypto platform offers an incentive as a form of marketing. The way it works is the platform will give you tasks you need to accomplish in exchange for the assets.

Ways to earn free crypto

Crypto has become one of the most popular investments in recent years, and many regions have legal means to obtain crypto. 

While the main process of acquiring crypto is by purchasing them through crypto exchanges, ways other than exchanges are available. As such, we’ve listed below some of the most common ways you can earn free crypto: 

  1. Referral program

One of the most common methods to earn a passive crypto income is through referral programs. Typically, this is a feature offered by crypto exchanges. How it works is that you’ll send your referral link to family and friends. 

If people use your link to sign-up or to make transactions on the platform, you’ll gain free crypto instantly. Keep in mind that the amount you can receive depends on the platform’s terms and the number of people who use your link. While sending them to many friends is ideal, take the time to share them with people interested in investing in crypto.

  1. Affiliate Program

Similar to a referral program, an affiliate program is done by sending out a unique link to interested people. However, people with a bigger platform and reach often do this. 

If you have a large online presence, one simple way to earn through affiliate programs is to create posts related to the topic. For example, if you have a crypto review platform, you can earn passive income by writing reviews on a specific crypto exchange and adding your affiliate link for readers to use. 

Best ways to earn free crypto in South Africa

As a South African crypto investor, there are plenty of legitimate means to earn free crypto online. To learn more about it, read where we’ve listed the options available.

  1. Crypto credit card

A crypto credit card allows you to make purchases with fiat currency and earn free cryptocurrency as a reward. You can use these crypto debit and credit cards for in-store purchases except bills payment. 

Like most credit cards, you’ll receive a monthly statement that shows your list of purchases. In return for using the crypto credit care, you’ll get free crypto rewards such as cashback with your preferred digital currencies. 

  1. Cryptocurrency interest accounts

If you have existing crypto funds, depositing them in a savings account is one good way to earn from them. This can be done on an exchange platform that offers this service. Once you do, the platform will lend your fund to borrowers, which they’ll return with interest. 

  1. Staking  

Staking is one of the best ways to earn free crypto, which is holding your crypto coins for interest. 

Usually, this can be done on blockchains using a Proof-of-Satake consensus model like Ethereum. However, you need to pay attention to price swings to cash out your funds once you’re satisfied with your earnings.

  1. Bonuses and promotions

Since crypto’s rise to popularity, you’ll see many platforms that incentivise sign-up with crypto rewards. One good example is the many crypto betting sites offering bonuses and promotions when you sign-up or win in tournaments they organised. 

  1. Airdrop

Some crypto platforms randomly give away tokens for free, known as an airdrop. Typically, this happens when a platform wants to increase its user base or promote particular crypto.

To be eligible for this free crypto reward, set up your crypto wallet where the funds can be transferred. 

While airdrops are a good way to earn passive crypto income, be wary of suspicious platforms offering them. Airdrops are usually done as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project, where many common scams in cryptocurrency happen. As a result, you may end up with coins that don’t have any value and are, therefore, unusable.

  1. Platform tasks

Several crypto exchanges incentivise your activities on their platform. You’ll get free crypto by accomplishing a task on their list. For example, new users can receive crypto coins for signing up, verifying their accounts, making their first transaction, and so on.

However, conduct thorough research on the platform to ensure they’re reliable, secure, and easy to use before creating an account. This is important so you won’t have any trouble using their services to grow your crypto investment in the long run.

  1. Educational programs

Most crypto exchange platforms offer a learning hub to learn about digital assets. What makes this interesting is they give you perks by reading articles, watching tutorial videos, or even taking quizzes. As a result, you learn how to invest properly and earn free crypto coins simultaneously.

  1. Online games

If you love games, then there’s a way for you to enjoy playing interesting blockchain-based games offered on crypto platforms. This is typically called ‘play to earn’ since you’ll have to get through certain levels to claim rewards.

Often you’ll be rewarded with crypto tokens once you accomplish specified missions in the game. However, you can also be rewarded with NFTs you can sell in exchange for crypto.

Wondering how to earn crypto for free by playing games? Check out popular play-to-earn games like Sandbox, Lucky Block, Tamadoge, Metablaze, and more.  

  1. Browser extension

Another good way to earn crypto for free is by using a specific browser or installing an extension on an existing one. This is a good way for blockchain-based apps like internet browsers to promote themselves to market participants.

For example, one of the leading web3 browsers, Brave, offers rewards when you choose to view an ad. However, to do this, you’ll have to install the software and enrol in their program known as Brave Rewards. 

Where to earn free crypto?

Just as there are several ways to earn crypto, there are also several channels for you. As long as you have a good grasp of the digital space, you can find different platforms where you can acquire crypto both passively and actively. Listed below are some of the best places we’ve found to earn free crypto:

Online websites

Several websites allow you to claim crypto rewards when you use their site. For example, Free cash is a popular get-paid-to or GPT app which incentivises you to engage with the activities on their site. One common way to earn on the platform is by answering surveys, completing surveys or even playing games. 

Crypto exchange

Crypto exchanges are the most common place to purchase crypto. However, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your digital assets, such as participating in their promotional programs, accomplishing incentivised tasks, participating in the referral program, and more.

Every exchange is different, and not all offer investors the means to earn passive income. That’s why you need to thoroughly research viable platforms before signing up. Once you’ve reviewed the right platform that provides many ways to earn free crypto, be sure to sign-up for as many available programs as possible to maximise your earning potential.

Play to earn crypto games

As previously discussed, playing online games has become more thrilling, with platforms offering a play-to-earn protocol. You can gain rewards by reaching specific levels in an offered game.

Some of the most popular platforms where you can do this are Lucky Block, RoboEra, Silks, and more. The rewards on these platforms vary, but you can generally earn cryptos and NFTs once you’ve accomplished the required game tasks. 

Earn free cryptos now at Crypto in Afrika!

Earning crypto is easier now than ever, thanks to several programs incentivising your online activities. You can do this by applying to crypto exchange referral programs, engaging with play-to-earn games, maximising crypto platform bonuses, and more. 

However, the best way to earn is by understanding how much time and effort you want to invest in the process. 

If you want to earn free cryptos passively, then staking, crypto lending and referrals are best. Otherwise, participating in activity-based rewards on crypto platforms gives you more opportunities to earn crypto rewards. 


Can you earn free crypto instantly with no deposit?

If you want to earn crypto without making an initial deposit, the best way is to look for crypto platforms that offer no-deposit bonuses. One good example is by signing up to a crypto casino platform that rewards you with a specified amount of crypto for signing up. 

Another good way to do this is by looking out for airdrops. However, be mindful of the platforms that offer this kind of reward. Be sure they’re legitimate, so you’re not wasting your time.

How to earn cryptocurrency without investment?

There are several ways to earn crypto without an initial investment. This comes from crypto mining, airdrops, crypto credit cards, or exchange lending services. All these options are available for you to take advantage of, but you need to understand what level of effort you’re willing to put in to make these investments.

For example, airdrops are the most straightforward way to claim free cryptos, and it doesn’t require more than your private wallet. However, if you want to earn through lending, you need ample insight into the crypto market to earn from your borrowed funds.

How to get free crypto coins

Nowadays, you can get free crypto coins in several ways. Some good examples are crypto exchange sign-up bonuses, learn-and-earn programs, crypto minings, free crypto-earning apps, engaging with play-to-earn games, and more. 

How often can you earn free crypto?

You can earn free crypto assets as frequently as you’d like. However, this largely depends on the effort you’re willing to give to earn free funds. That’s because most free cryptos are given in exchange for a service or activity. 

For example, if you want to earn crypto daily, you can use play-to-earn games daily or participate in airdrops. However, if you want to earn passively, staking, crypto lending, and referral programs are your best option. 

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