Best Crypto Wallets in Africa.

Crypto Wallets.

It’s undebatable that Africa has adopted and welcomed cryptocurrency wholeheartedly. The continent has had immense growth, with the growth rate being approximated at a 1200% rate in the last few years. This is the highest adoption rate amongst all the other continents. Africa is made up of a young population that is creative, interactive, and innovative. 

When crypto hit the African market, it presented itself as an opportunity to many youths waiting for such an opportunity, as high unemployment rates among youth are arguably the biggest African problem. Cryptocurrency opened a new channel of self-efficiency among Africans. People can now employ themselves or get hired by others working in this technology. 

Blockchain technology has allowed people to buy and sell crypto and participate in crypto trading. These are life-sustaining opportunities for many and daily sources of income. Crypto wallets are essential and a must for these transactions to take place. Below we will discuss some of the best crypto wallets available in Africa and how you can get them. 


This is the first wallet we recommend. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. It allows peer-to-peer transfer, buying, and selling of crypto and offers a ready platform for crypto trading. It hosts over 600 cryptocurrency assets and can easily trace your lost or stolen crypto assets. Its application is available on the google play store, and all one needs is to download it and follow the registration and security steps to start using it. It also connected to many banks easing the withdrawal process. It can also host NFTs. You can sign up via their website online as well. Click here to register on Coinbase. 


This is another great wallet that is doing very well in most African countries. Remitano allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using crypto or fiat currency. Since its emergence in 2016, Remitano has grown into over 30 countries. it hosts 6 of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide, and more are expected to be added with time. 

Why it’s a great wallet to have is: it’s considered one of the fastest wallets, it allows the purchase of coins with fiat currencies, peer to peer exchanges are made via its intermediary escrow platform, providing an additional layer of security. It has a 24-7 customer care availability. Remitano app is available on the google play store, and one can also access their services online via their website. Click here to register on Remitano. 

Yellow card

This is another growing wallet in the African market, especially in Kenya. It has its advantages, such as it allows easy signup and allowing one to buy crypto with fiat currency. It allows an instant trading platform as well. It’s available in more than 20 African countries, and all one has to do to get it downloads its app from the google play store or just visit its website online. Click here to register on the Yellow card. 


This wallet has been around since 2013. It boasts global outreach and provides a platform for buying, selling, and storing crypto assets. Its fast and secure Luno stores 95% of crypto in “deep freeze” – multi-signature wallets protected by many layers of encryption. This ensures that your crypto stays safe. It also allows crypto transfer to friends and family for free as long as they own a Luno wallet. The Luno app is available on the google play store, and also you can sign in on its website online. 


This wallet boasts over 6 million users worldwide. It offers services such as a peer-to-peer trading platform, trading crypto with over 350 payment methods, and hosts most of the available cryptocurrencies. They have few send-out fees, and there are no charges when you buy crypto with Paxful. They offer ID and address verification to ensure the safety of their users. The Paxful app is available on the Google Play store, and you can also get them via their website. Click here to register on Paxful. 


We have all heard of this one. It might be the newest, but it’s taking the market by storm. Binance is the largest crypto trading platform by trade volumes, with millions of customers globally. A Binance wallet allows investors to buy, sell and store their digital assets. Binance offers the best peer-to-peer trading platform. It supports fiat-to-crypto trading with over 5 African fiat currencies. It allows an asset storage system with one of the best security systems in the blockchain industry. Binance hosts almost all the cryptocurrencies available worldwide and is expanding its outreach daily. 

These wallets provide a base for crypto trade and peer-to-peer exchange platforms. Its app is available on the google play store, and one can sign in via its website online. This shows how much cryptocurrencies impact everyday life and offer job opportunities and become a way of life. To sum up, those are some of the wallets in Africa, but they are not the only ones. There are other wallets, such as Buy Coins, Exodus, and local cryptos, among many others. 

Cryptocurrency is the future of payment in the world, so be among those who embrace this new tech and get a digital wallet. If you are interested in joining the crypto world, do your research, find a wallet that best suits you and use that. The earlier you buy or save your crypto assets, the better. The appreciation of the value of cryptocurrencies in the future is inevitable. Click here to register on Binance. 

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