Money is important in everyone’s life for survival. The youth that is present today will be the future investors. Therefore it is very important for them to know how the digital market works so that as time goes by, they will transact in the digital economy with no difficulties and earn as much profit as possible. A greater percentage of a country’s population is the youth. For example, 68 percent of the population in Kenya are youth, and many have not yet secured employment, so knowledge of cryptocurrency could be a way forward to being dependent. 

The boom in the use of cryptocurrency shows that it will become the currency to use in future. Therefore, the youth’s motivation to invest in cryptocurrency is rapidly growing. They are urged to get informed about the digital market to begin transactions to gain benefits and raise their standards of living. The youth believe transacting using crypto is cheaper than transacting in the bank. They also view digital currency as hard to inflate since Bitcoins exist in exact numbers. That is, only 21 million are available; hence having to hike its prices is next to impossible. 

The youth are the determinant of either economic growth or economic decline. Since the crypto transaction is recorded in a ledger and occurs between two people, the attitude of the youth towards crypto is that the data is protected and the digital currency is best for investing in. Financial educators have a role in educating the youth on digital currency and how it depends on the youths themselves. 

When the youth are educated on investing in cryptocurrency, the unemployment rate reduces, and financial independence grows. Bitcoin can grow from small businesses to large businesses. So the involvement of the youth in using digital currency for investment automatically leads to growth in a country’s economy since getting involved in paying taxes contributes a lot to economic development. 

The young generation should save money from a digital currency other than exploiting it with the view that it comes easily. In conclusion, the youth in every country will determine the future of the country’s economy after the 21st. 

Their desire to invest in the digital sector gives hope for a better future where the dependency on their parents or peers will be reduced since they can provide for their needs. As much as there is transparency in transacting the digital currency market, risks could come in and lead to loss. To curb developing an attitude of disinterest in the cryptocurrency in fear of getting a loss, the government should make sure that young investors are protected and secured against losses that might arise. This will attract the young generation to the digital currency market and better their future.

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