The Crypto environment in Africa, with Noah Baalessanvu, Crypto Savannah

In our weekly Crypto in Afrika Talk, we caught up with Noah Baalesanvu, the Head of Technology at CryptoSavannah, a technology company at the forefront of Africa’s Blockchain and innovation ecosystem. Noah discussed with our very own Mr William Musyoka, where they mostly touched on the Crypto environment in Africa and the role Crypto Savannah is playing in ensuring that blockchain technology is accepted in Africa. They have been vocal in advising governments and the private sector on crypto matters. CryptoSavannah, a tech company, has also been involved in developing blockchain solutions. The company takes pride in the projects they have completed, which aim to drive blockchain and crypto companies from around the world into the African continent. An objective they share with Crypto in Afrika. In 2018, CryptoSavannah also organised Africa’s largest blockchain conference. Since then, the goal has been to make Africa a destination for blockchain Talent, Innovation, and Investment. Don’t forget to listen to this exciting discussion until the end, as there is much you can learn from it. You can also listen to the Podcast on Anchor by following the link below:

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