Preaching Cryptocurrency: Binance Academy.

Binance is the largest and the most famous cryptocurrency platform in the world. It was founded in 2017 by software developer Changpeng Zhao. Binance has grown over the years and as of 2022, it continues to grow. Its commendable steps of 2022 are but are not limited to, being the first cryptocurrency firm to be part of the Grammy’s, giving 10, million $ dollars to Ukraine as aid and it has now acquired a 200 million $stake at Forbes. The firm is growing and with it the services it offers. Binance was one of the first companies to start educational programs about cryptocurrency. we take a look at its Binance academy website and what it offers.

In the spirit of spreading the cryptocurrency gospel, Binance went a step further and started a free online platform called Binance academy in 2018 august. This platform is a non-profit online learning session. It is completely free and covers all aspects of cryptocurrency from simple questions like .” what is a cryptocurrency to more complex topics on crypto security such as Ponzi and pyramid schemes”.

The core aim of Binance academy is to teach the world all there is to know about cryptocurrency, on the Binance academy website one has access to over 300 articles and you tube videos and they come in over 21 languages.
The website goes as far as to explain the origin and why the name cryptocurrency fits. They take their time to educate one about trading, how to start and how to go about it. They explain blockchain technology, why it’s the best tech to host cryptocurrency and why it’s the peak of technology in the modern world of technology.

When it comes to trading they take it a notch higher and demonstrate on the beginners level as well as pro-level. They have articles as well as you tube videos that will educate one fully. When it comes to investing they educate on the various coins one can invest in, and the various ways one can invest. For example, the buy and hold philosophy is one of the best-hyped ways of investing. This is a situation where coin holders believe in its future such that they will buy it now and hold it to sell in the future. A good example is Bitcoin holders, who are holding it now and believe in the next few years it might be worth double or something close to that.

This is a good investment technique and with bitcoin hitting this year high as of March 2022 it was at $47,000, then it’s a guarantee by the end of the year it will be worth a lot. Binance estimates these coins and has a section of the coins it believes are good to invest in. Trading and investing are direct ways of earning and require much time and sacrifice but there are other ways of earning. Cryptocurrency offers opportunities to earn passive income through lending and staking. This will have you earning and making profits without you as the crypto holder taking part in it. Binance academy has over six articles and explanatory you tube videos covering perceive cryptocurrency earnings.

What is the takeaway here? Other firms need to go down such a line and if possible start on-ground campaigns. In Kenya we have seen commendable youths hold seminars, crypto walks, and even holding Twitter space talks with no sponsorship at all in the name of cryptocurrency sensitization. This is the spirit and since this technology is now in Africa and growing why not start an educative platform who knows,? other firms who are now offering crypto services in Africa might be looking for you.


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