Future of iGaming: Are metaverse casinos the next big thing?

The Metaverse is taking the iGaming industry by storm as more casinos emerge in different virtual ecosystems. Get ahead of the trend and learn about Metaverse casinos and how to access them. Discover a new experience when you learn about VR casinos here at Crypto in Afrika.

What is a metaverse casino?

Metaverse casinos are establishments that operate in a virtual space. These innovative casinos take online casino gaming to another level, allowing punters worldwide to enjoy a unique experience unlike any other. Now, gamblers can visit virtual casinos and play their favourite games anytime and anywhere. 

What the experts have to say about the Metaverse

More developments are in the works to elevate the iGaming industry through the Metaverse. In January’s recent SiGMA Africa Summit 2023, industry experts discussed the Metaverse and Gambling

The talk covered various topics, including security, privacy, and regulations. It was an insightful conversation that delves deep into the future of gambling in the Metaverse, so be sure to watch and discover what’s in the works for VR casinos.

What can you do in a metaverse casino?

Here are some of the things to look forward to when playing at a Metaverse casino:

  1. Enjoy brick-and-mortar casino gaming

You can visit virtual casino establishments using the right equipment and experience interactive gaming. You can walk around and explore the casino, find your preferred games, converse with other patrons and more without leaving your home.

  1. Interact with other players

Metaverse casinos allow you to meet new people and interact with fellow punters at the virtual casino. It’s the perfect hybrid of the convenience of online casinos and the luxury and socialisation you get in brick-and-mortar casinos.

  1. Play your favourite games with anonymity

In Metaverse casinos, you enter the virtual world using an avatar and an online name. These two things allow you to maintain anonymity while exploring online casinos. 

  1. Placing wagers using crypto

Metaverse casinos run on a blockchain, and players who want to earn real-money rewards must deposit funds into their accounts using their crypto wallet. Typically, you’ll have to purchase in-game crypto when playing at a Metaverse casino to wager on your preferred game. As such, you should also look into the right cryptocurrency to invest in the Metaverse.

What equipment do you need to play?

At present, you can enter some Metaverse platforms with just your desktop computer. However, to experience the virtual world, you need the appropriate hardware, a VR/AR headset.

The VR/AR headset is a piece of equipment you put over your eyes to see the virtual world you want to enter. The most advanced VR headsets released today come with controllers designed with spatial tracking that mirrors your movement in-game.

Can you use a mobile phone to play in the metaverse?

It is possible to play in the Metaverse using your smartphone or tablet. However, it’s less immersive than when you enter a sandbox using a VR headset. If you want the whole experience when you enter a virtual world, you should connect using your VR/AR headset. 

What are data or internet costs to play in the metaverse?

One thing you need to be aware of before entering the Metaverse is you need reliable internet with a high bandwidth connection. According to an article from the digital media platform Light Reading, researchers have estimated between 2 to 5 Gbps bandwidth and 5 to 20 millisecond latency are necessary for a fully-immersive experience. 

How player safety is ensured in the metaverse

Since Metaverse casinos are still relatively new, there are a lot of things that require focus to ensure every player’s enjoyment. One of the many aspects to consider is security for the players and the virtual casino itself. 

During the panel discussion about the Metaverse and gambling at SiGMA Africa Summit 2023 earlier in the year, industry experts discussed the security measures Metaverse casinos would implement to ensure security. Among the things they mentioned include:

  1. Everyone undergoes a rigorous KYC process

During the discussion of how players can be held accountable for their actions when playing in a Metaverse casino, one of the panellists, Dion Croom, discussed the development of a technology called ‘Avatar DNA’. 

Avatar DNA is a KYC (Know Your Customer) process where players must verify their identity to play at a casino. This process is similar to practices in place at online casinos and crypto exchanges, where users must undergo a thorough KYC procedure before accessing a platform’s services. As such, it detracts users with malicious intentions to engage in illicit activities since the casino records and protects their personal information.

  1. Casinos imposing playing regulations for players

In addition to the KYC process, there’s also an expectation that Metaverse casinos will require players to agree to the terms and conditions imposed. This is similar to what is already implemented in online casinos, where players must abide by the policies to gain access to the casino’s services.


Are there Metaverse casinos in 2023?

Yes. There have been several Metaverse casinos that operate in ecosystems such as Decentraland and the Sandbox. 

How do you play at a Metaverse casino?

To play at a Metaverse casino, you must find a VR platform like Decentraland or The Sandbox, where a casino establishment is located. Here’s how you can play:

  1. Create an avatar 
  2. Find your preferred Metaverse casino
  3. Deposit crypto to use for your purchases
  4. Start betting.

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