Jobs on the Metaverse

One of the most recent developments with a huge impact on the world was the announcement of the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual reality where people can perform most of the physical practices they would normally do. One of the many features announced during the metaverse creation and launch is that people would be able to work in the metaverse. It was one of the many reasons why many people have been keen and following the metaverse development, waiting for any opportunity they may benefit from. 

Facebook changed its objectives and strived to produce better services that would improve the metaverse and how people access it. Although the project is still ongoing, if the company can achieve 50% of its goals, it will greatly impact how people live and work. One of the main problems people face in Africa is the lack of job opportunities. 

The mean age in Africa is around 19 years old, meaning that most Africans are young, energetic, and willing-to-work citizens. But due to a lack of investments that would create enough jobs for the population, many citizens are jobless and end up in illegal activities and crime. The development of the metaverse will create a platform where people can work remotely and for any organisation worldwide. The metaverse has created a way for people to create offices and have all the office operations carried out on the metaverse

It means that people who can access the internet and have the gadgets required to access the metaverse can access more jobs. A good example is if international organisations with major offices worldwide, such as Apple, Nike, and many others, select a few of their divisions that can have their offices on the metaverse. It will allow remote working, a growing trend after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But instead of having employees working without planning, the metaverse allows employees to associate and collaborate on various projects but still do it remotely. It can be said to be bringing the office to people’s homes. The benefit this will have to Africans cannot be summed up in a day. Africa is one of the continents with the most learned population globally. 

But the lack of job opportunities presents a problem for most people. I know more than 50 people with degrees and master’s but cannot find suitable jobs that fit their knowledge and skills. With the development of the metaverse by Meta and Yuga Labs and many more organisations working on their virtual worlds, there will be job opportunities they can access and reduce the unemployment rate in the continent. Doing this will also benefit investors since they can access skilled labour worldwide and reduce rent costs for their businesses.

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