ICO Investing

Cryptocurrency investment has become one of the best investment options in the last few years. Many people and organizations have made triple digits return rates from their cryptocurrency investment. By this, I am talking of only cryptocurrency and not all the technology supported by blockchain. Some people have made money from investing in blockchain technology and made either similar or more money as people have earned after investing in cryptocurrency. One of the most recommended strategies by investors is to buy cryptocurrency during their early stages. It has proven to be the best strategy frequently. An investor who invested a few dollars at the onset of bitcoin is now reaping huge. For example, the story of a specific investor who repurchased some bitcoin in the days worth just a few dollars. Since the technology was not as massive as now, the value was a few cents for each Bitcoin. The funniest bit of the story is that he forgot the password to his cryptocurrency wallet and every other way to access the tokens. His investment has grown to millions of dollars. It shows how investing early might help you become more affluent in the long term.

But with the current trend in cryptocurrency, it might be risky to invest in cryptocurrency. Recent news shows that most cryptocurrency is currently in a slump. The only people enjoying the cryptocurrency market currently are long-term investors who want to buy now, while most tokens are cheap and hold until the value goes up. In Africa, the main form of cryptocurrency investment is crypto trading and, thus, the high P2P rate in the continent. But with decreased value, people struggle to make money through trade. Although this is the case, there is an investment plan that might be the saving grace for most crypto investors. New investors who want to be involved in the crypto market can get into crypto as they are to get into crypto early, not after the token has been launched but during its ICO moment. After engineers and technicians develop the software, they need funding before launching the crypto token. During this point, the organization lists the cryptocurrency on an ICO or an Initial Coin Offering in full. It is where people invest in the technology as companies get shareholders. The investors could either buy the cryptocurrency or a portion of one, depending on the agreed-upon terms. One benefit of investing in ICOs is that the ICO prices are low. These low prices are suitable for first-time investors or investors with little money to spend on their projects. The second advantage is that this investment has low risks and high rewards. ICOs are made up of coins not yet listed on the Coin Market Cap as existing tokens. Due to this, the price of the ICO remains fixed until the token is listed. The rewards come when the coin is launched, and the value of the coin skyrockets. In a crushing cryptocurrency market, investing in ICOs is the best bet.

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