Decentralized social media.

The need for blockchain technology continues to grow as people realize the need and the positive impacts it might have on society and their economy. Many people use blockchain technology to make money according to their various fields. Others use the technology for leisure activities such as playing video games that pay players through cryptocurrency as rewards for various achievements. But although this is the case, communication is one thing that people have not yet tried. People are social creatures and thrive from associating and communicating with others. The primary source of this has been social media through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Some challenges that make normal and mainstream social media start with the entire internet structure. According to how the internet is developed, people and organizations can establish and own applications and websites that offer services to the public, but people cannot hold the internet. Many organizations, including social media organizations, gained a lot of wealth and started using their power to control society. Social media platforms began censoring people from their platforms, and in some situations, some people, including former US President Donald Trump, have been banned from some social media platforms. The number of cases reported of people’s social media accounts being closed and censored has been increasing.

Since the main problem is that social media companies have immersed much wealth and power. They use this power to be biased against different people. Policies and developments that do not favour their practices. As a result, they control the news and what people can talk about on social media. But blockchain technology solves this problem. The solution developed is that people can own blockchains used to create the social media platform. Doing this reduces some of the power social media platforms have since they are censoring their owners. One of the projects that are said to have the potential to solve this problem is DeSo. DeSoto is a blockchain-based social media platform that has been gaining traction in the market.

Some of the services that DeSo offers include offering free speech to their customers. It means that people will be free to speak up in their minds. Doing this will allow for dialogue and give people a chance to come up with solutions to some of the problems they might be going through. The second reason DeSo can blow up and become one of the biggest social media platforms is its payment program. Creatives that post their content on the platform will be paid through tips which will replace likes. Doing this will help creatives earn from their content and give the public the ability to make their favourite creatives earn money to entertain them. DeSoto has the potential to grow and become one of the most valued companies in the world. Currently, the top ten most affluent and most valuable companies include substantial social media platforms such as the formerly known Facebook, now called Meta and Tweeter. Youtube and TikTok are also gaining value over time. Getting into DeSoto is currently cheap, considering that one blockchain token is valued at $51.58. It is the best time to invest in the platform, considering this is below the highest level it has ever been valued and the enormous potential this might have in the future. 

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