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There are many ways to improve cryptocurrency adoption, and the best method remains to be crypto education. This practice has been adopted in different parts of the world, and organisations hold crypto events to improve its adoption. But the main problem remains how to get the information to people who cannot afford the fees and low-income families. Jay Z and Jack Dorsey, two of the most powerful people in the world, proposed the answer to this. The two partnered up to start a Bitcoin Academy located in the Brooklyn housing complex in New York. 

The main reason the project is in Brooklyn is that it is where Jay Z grew up. He started this project to give back to the community and to help the next generation of investors. Jay Z has invested in various projects such as his record label, art, and companies like Uber and cryptocurrency. He partnered with Jack Dorsey, a well-known tech guru, the former CEO of Twitter, and the current CEO at Square. Their influence and money will help shape the next generation of leaders and investors from humble beginnings. 

The purpose of Bitcoin Academy is to create a barrier-free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. They funded the entire project and are not charging a fee to educate people from their hood. Many people from poor communities miss out on investment opportunities due to a lack of know-how. This is a good way to change how people view cryptocurrency investment in neighbourhoods and countries. Supporting cryptocurrency literacy improves cryptocurrency adoption and investment. People from all walks of life will earn more money and live better lives. Jack Dorsey went on Twitter and stated that this is one way of ensuring that America is not left from the current investment opportunity. 

Countries in Africa and South America have programs that have helped improve adoption and literacy. It is time for people from low-income families and communities to get their chance. When he said this, people figured out he was talking about the Bitcoin Beach Initiative. The initiative is meant to alleviate poverty. It has also helped or is helping countries such as El Salvador and Peru to create a decentralised economy and improve adoption. Africa should learn from the program, and it has huge potential. Even with maximum support via infrastructure provision, there will be zero adoption if the knowledge is zero. African governments should learn from this and cover for sensitisation of crypto know-how.

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